Software Testing and Quality Assurance (CITS 5501)

Terry Woodings     11 March, 2013


Assignment One - Procedure Writing


In order to satisfy a client, key aspects of quality assurance require us to achieve consistency and exceed a minimum level of performance.  One effective approach is to use procedures which conform to an international standard and provide the project team with a proven process.


The use of inspections for requirements specifications and design documents is known to reduce defect propagation to later phases of the development.  Many papers and books have been written about inspection (review, walkthrough) tools and techniques.


An engineer has the responsibility for designing processes for tasks which may be carried out by less skilled people.  This assignment is to produce a procedure for carrying out requirements and design reviews in compliance with ISO 90003 clauses 7.3.4, 7.3.5, 7.3.6 and 8.2.3 as well as incorporating the latest ideas in document reviews.  The procedure must include clauses covering preparation for a review, the actual inspection plus consolidation of the outcomes.  There should also be a clear definition of the statistics to be kept on the rates of finding or missing problems in the document under review.


The procedure may be produced in a form for storage and reading on a specific computer or device such as an iPad or smart phone.  However, a printed copy (with a green cover sheet) is to be handed in.


This assignment is worth 10% of the final mark for this unit.  It is to be handed in to the CSSE Office on or before 4.30pm on Wednesday 17th April.